What does 3PL mean?

  • What does 3PL mean?

    What does 3PL mean?

    Since each industry type has its own set of acronyms, in the Logistics sector the term 3PL, also known as TPL, is the abbreviation for “Third Party Logistics“, which refers to a company that hires an external company to manage all the logistics processes related to the commercial organization in order to reduce costs related to storage and distribution of the products, from the moment they leave the factory until they reach the end customer.

    Usually the companies that hire this type of service create a new figure within the organization, the Chief Resources Officer (CRO) whose job is to manage the outsourcing operation rather than their own logistics processes.3PL (2)

    GRUPO 3PL is an Integral Logistic Operator and a Strategic Ally of each of our clients. We design and operate the processes of one or several of the supply chain stages (reception, storage, conditioning, picking and dispatch) using infrastructures located in various regions of the country, qualified personnel, information systems, security systems and constant advice through our Logistics Consulting service; These great differentiators make us the preferred logistics solution in the market.

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