Our transportation logistics are managed by professionals with ample experience in the industry, we design solutions to fit your needs, plan the loads, optimize deliveries, design the logistics network, control and incorporate the freight security component for shipping; all this integrated in our warehouse management services.

In GRUPO 3PL we analyze our customers transportation needs and design the most convenient model for their operation, adding efficiencies and minimizing costs. We advise, design, plan and implement optimal transportation routes.

Additionally, we offer value-added services in Transportation, highly appreciated by our clients, among whom it’s worth noting: Security Escorts, Satellite Tracking, Monitoring Room, Transportation Insurance, Loading and Unloading Services.


For all these reasons, "We are your Comprehensive Transportation Solution"

  • Primary and Secondary Transport Service according to your need:
    • Route Planning.
    • Optimizing Transportation.
    • Freight Control.
    • Load Safety.

In order to ensure the quality of the transportation and distribution service, we offer different types of service with the highest level of quality we are known fora:

  • Dedicated truck,where there is a fixed monthly amount billed, and the availability of resources is guaranteed under this plan. This scheme is recommended for permanent and repetitive routes, when you want and can optimize truck use.
  • Regular Freight, under this plan, billing is a per trip amount, and we usually recommend this option for trips that have a moderate level of certainty and will be billed according to demand.
  • Casual Freight, where invoicing is a per trip amount. This type of freight is activated once the demand exceeds the dedicated capacity or is triggered by the urgency of an unplanned freight.