Customized Logistics

  • Customized Logistics

    Customized Logistics

    Each client is unique in terms of their logistics needs, therefore Grupo 3PL designs storage facilities, distribution and warehousing operations according to our customer’s logistical requirements, based on detailed information of their operability and product rotation and delivery.

    We deliver a conceptual design of the logistics infrastructure, considering the main areas of receiving, storage, delivery, order preparation, kitting, quality control, offices, service areas, courtyards and parking (among others).

    Once we obtain our clients’ approval, we structure a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement the project, making the required adaptations to the warehouse (e.g. services, internal distribution, lighting, racks, shelving etc.), obtaining the necessary equipment (e.g. pallets, hand pallet jacks, forklifts, conveyors etc.), implementing and configuring information systems such as WMS, TMS as well as any communication services that may be needed in addition to security and control schemes, and finally training personnel in the contracted activities.

    In Grupo 3PL we "design tailored suits" developing storage and distribution solutions according to the nature of your logistics operations!

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