Grupo 3PL your ally in e-commerce

  • Grupo 3PL your ally in e-commerce

    Grupo 3PL your ally in e-commerce

    The logistics sector has been positively impacted by e-commerce, rapidly adapting its processes and giving agile and dynamic answers regarding the delivery of products to customers.

    Logistics is the hidden side of e-commerce success, since it enables customers to fulfill their experience, which begins before making their electronic purchase, intensifies during the process of tracking the order and is magnified when the product is received in the requested time.

    compras en linea 2Each time a customer clicks on his order, a race against time begins to meet and exceed his demands for product accuracy and speed of delivery, so these two characteristics have to go hand in hand to accomplish the promised value.

    The customer continually demands shorter delivery times and a variety of distribution sites, and imposes a "virtual dialogue" requesting information at all times of the delivery process of her purchase.


    Grupo 3PL is the logistic partner to support you in everything related to the process of storage, picking, transportation and distribution of products linked to commercial operations carried out on the internet, thus offering its customers an exceptional experience in e-commerce.

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