With a full menu of logistics services, GRUPO 3PL can mobilize your merchandise as quickly as your market demands, from manufacturing to retail outlets. Our goal is to ensure the movement of your goods efficiently, safely and on time. We have the knowledge and experience of what this type of product requires; from its reception in the warehouse, its internal handling or manipulation, transportation and distribution, up to the delivery to the corresponding channels or retail stores.

Our main goal is to ensure the highest levels in the quality of your product and service - both in their handling and in regards of its transportation and distribution- ensuring:

  • Timely presence in the market where it operates.
  • Sincere sustainability approach by adopting environmentally sensitive approaches, such as waste reduction and recycling.
  • Lot handling and FEFO shipping, delivering first those products whose expiration date is the earliest to happen.
  • Indicator sets tailor made for the operations; its analysis and effective treatment in the supply chain logistics generate steady improvements in delivery times and amount of products received and delivered in good condition.



Special features worth noting for this segment are:


We have a wide range of facilities for storage and handling products, where our item handling systems are capable of processing high volume of continuous movements that range from storing bulk product loads to individual units. Likewise, because we fully understand the needs of the retail market, we are able to manage multiple configurations of delivery arrangements, assembled according to the various specifications of each of the retailers.

Kit Assembly

As a high performance Logistic Operator, we have the ability and experience to handle the co-packing requirements of today’s market with full reliability. Our possibilities are practically limitless, always depending on the needs of our client. Our team of experts is ready to assess and respond to their demands for co-packing.

Common Operation (Synergies)

We know the levels of satisfaction and high efficiency that can be achieved with the synergies between customers. The benefits go far beyond a reduction in costs, due to a better use of warehouse space and vehicles, and can be observed in the increase of the stock turnover rate, and offer a better support to the promotional activities to those customers who back this philosophy and are willing to participate.