In GRUPO 3PL, we differentiate ourselves by providing Specialized and Personalized Attention through an assigned Account Executive who specializes in your industry. In addition, we carry out our own Key Performance Indicators for each Operation, Logistics Committees with multidisciplinary involvement and permanent excellence practices that allow us to continuously improve the efficiency of the operation and provide a better service day by day.

We insist that our Logistics Operator service is remarkable in its category, because in our effort to provide customers with tailored services adjusted to their needs and dynamics, the Account Executive assigned to each operation is a specialist in that segment and the point of permanent contact with GRUPO 3PL, guiding and channeling absolutely all their concerns. The Executive is their representative within GRUPO 3PL and among her main responsibilities we have

  • Manage any scope variation.
  • During the first three months and biweekly, will lead a meeting that we call "operational adjustment" to fully guarantee compliance of the business proposal.
  • Be responsible for the presentation of the Indicators and Service Level Management agreed with the client typically monthly.Channel the entire client’s interests and concerns, remain as its main connection and contact, manage its account and ensure strict compliance with the contracted commercial proposal.

Moreover, within our commitment to one of the fundamental principles of successful management practices, we recognize and support the invaluable contribution of having Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that show the performance of both the entire operation and each of its stages, in order to recognize and promote the observed improvements in processes and identify opportunities for optimizing them. To do this, GRUPO 3PL builds and offers:

  • Service Quality and Warehouse Demand Compliance Indicators.
  • Warehouse Configuration Indicators.
  • Productivity Indicators.
  • Financial indicators, among others.