GRUPO 3PL has more than 150,000 square meters of effective storage in Venezuela.

Our spaces are optimized to the fullest; we have warehouses with heights exceeding eleven (11) meters, and the electric forklifts used are capable of operating in narrow aisles and reach heights over ten (10) meters high.

We store accordingly to the warehouse philosophy of storage –chaotic or directed - and this storage design responds to an analysis of the characteristics of quantity, volume and stock turnover handled by each client.

In GRUPO 3PL we are known for studying our customers’ inventory levels in order to increase storage density, maintain and / or increase productivity levels.


Within this extensive storage process, we offer the following services:

  • Receiving: We design the required stage areas to optimize the efficiency of the operation when handling incoming trucks. We handle with great knowledge and experience palletized cargo, bulk, and slip-sheet receptions.
  • Replenishment: at GRUPO 3PL we also specialize in replenishment of our picking locations according to a frequency that is determined and adjusted to the product‘s characteristics and its stock turnover dynamic.
  • Picking: Thanks to the great support of our Warehouse Management System, we offer product picking in the most efficient way according to its handling unit and the appropriate methodology, whether it is:
    • Batch Picking
    • Order Picking
    • Cluster Picking

GRUPO 3PL has vast experience in customers with rigorous unit selection operations and different schemes that involve:

    • Zone picking.
    • Dynamic racks.
    • Manual and automated conveyor systems.
    • Sorters.

We handle with great professionalism and efficiency all these options and specifications for the sole and ultimate purpose of guaranteeing the highest levels of service to our customers.

  • Shipping: Since this is the area where orders are consolidated, we focus on providing an audit process so they can be later prepared and loaded into the truck, ensuring full compliance and fulfillment of the shipping orders received.